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Chuck and Deb McAuley: NEWS!

Quirky- New Release - May 8, 2018

Our new single Quirky is released today! A snappy, little, original acoustic instrumental offering to fill your soul with delight!

New Release - Open Your Eyes To The Light - April 17, 2017

Chuck & Deb's newest release "Open Your Eyes To the Light" is now available through CDBaby at The song, written by Deb, follows on her Christian Contemporary release in 2016 "Go Forth".

Go Forth -Submitted For Grammy - October 18, 2016

Chuck & Deb McAuley's latest release "Go Forth" has been submitted for consideration for a Grammy in the category of Best Gospel Performance/Song. The song has received favorable reviews from audiences and is available for digital download on CDBaby, Apple i-Tunes and other services and can also be heard on Spotify and YouTube.

Banks of the Ohio -Video Release - April 13, 2015

Grammy Award Winner Laura Sullivan Creates Global Music Video Event - April 8, 2015

Dappled Dawn Day - July 13, 2014

Culture Counter Magazine Launches Today! - March 1, 2014

C.E. "Chip" McAuley, PhD launches his new online magazine today Culture Counter Magazine "Where Culture Counts".

The magazine is filled with thoughtful and insightful articles by brilliant folks each with their own unique point of view.  This should be a big hit!

Deb McAuley's Album "All In" Up For Grammy Consideration - November 10, 2012

Deb's new album "All In" is under consideration by The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences for a Grammy nomination. Nominees will be announced by the Academy in early December. The album which is available worldwide for download can be heard on internet radio station Rdio.

New Album Release - September 1, 2012

New Single! 'She's Somebody's Mommy" - May 11, 2011

Deb has released her new original song called "She's Somebody's Mommy". It's coming out of the gate strong. Check it out at:

Chuck and Deb on UNregular Radio! - January 30, 2011

UNregular Radio will be playing some of our music on the "Spo Says" show which airs Thursdays 4:30 PM Eastern. "Banks of the Ohio" is under consideration for one of the "Top 5" tracks of the week. Listen in if you get a chance!

Happy New Year Jango! - December 31, 2010

Chuck & Deb's cover of Bob Dylan's song "Forever Young" can now be heard on Jango Radio at:

White Doves of Ko'olau - September 19, 2010

Ceremonial dove releases for weddings and other occasions.

New Songs Released! - August 17, 2010

Exciting news! Chuck and Deb have released 2 news songs: "Forever Young" and "Banks of the Ohio". The songs can be downloaded exclusively from CDbaby at this time, and will be available in wider release to i-Tunes and other services within a few more weeks. Be among the first to snag them! Check them out, download and write reviews that w...ill display at the bottom of our CD Baby page.

Starting tomorrow, the songs will be featured in two different places on CDbaby in their STYLE/GENRE GALLERIES: and

Sweet Hawaii Lyrics - August 10, 2010

By popular demand here are the lyrics to "Sweet Hawaii" written by Chuck McAuley

Verse I.

This is more than I had ever dreamed that it could be.
I am overcome by your soft mystery.
String of pearls riding top a deep blue sea,
Home away from home, Sweet Hawaii.

Verse II.

I was captured by your gentle tropical allure.
Tradewinds blow away all cares upon Lahaina's shore.
Fragant whispers in the breeze that call you to be free.
Home away from home, Sweet Hawaii.


Garden paradise calls to me.
Rainbows, waterfalls and sunsets by the sea.
Troubles disappear in golden light.
Friendly smiling faces, eyes that shine so bright.

Verse III.

Island music stirs the soul, and fills you with delight.
Ancient mysteries unfold to the rhythm of the night.
Swaying dancers on the shore that speak of love to me.
Home away from home, Sweet Hawaii.

Verse IV.

This is more than I had ever dreamed that it could be.
I am overcome by our soft mystery.
You are deep within my heart as you will always be.
Home away from home, Sweet Hawaii
Home away from home, Sweet Hawaii!

Circle Round The Sun - March 27, 2010

New vid of a classic American folk song by Chuck:

Chuck & Deb's son Chip Stars as Boss Ross in "The Promotion" - December 12, 2009

Couple Wed to Their Music - Shelley Shepherd Klaner - September 10, 2009

Chuck & Deb's son Chip opines on Superman - August 19, 2009

Gettin' On Down To Love - June 6, 2009

Check out Chuck & Deb's new song and video "Gettin' On Down To Love" now on You Tube.

Happy New Year with Happy New Videos from Chuck & Deb! - January 1, 2009

Chuck & Deb have posted 5 brand new live music videos to You Tube. Happy New Year and Enjoy!

Forever Young - November 16, 2008

"Every Time You Leave" - October 12, 2008

"If I Needed You" - New Music Video by Chuck & Deb - October 11, 2008

Going, Going, Gone on i-Tunes "Best of Folk Music" - September 28, 2008

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